What is the difference between 2.4G and 5.8G?

A waveband is. However, wireless knowledge is transmitted between devices. These bands are radio waves that transfer the data, and that they are often either 2.4 Gc or 5.8 GHz. The 5.8G distinction between 2.4 and 5.8GHz bands is that they vary (coverage) and, therefore, the information measure (speed) they provide. For instance, the 2.4GHz band offers coverage at an extended range; however, it transmits data at slower speeds. Instead, the 5.8GHz band provides less coverage however sends data at quicker speeds.

  • 2.4GHz- PROs and CONs


– Coverage: 2.4GHz offers coverage at a longer range. It covers a larger area and provides a more extended range.

– Interference: 2.4GHz is more convenient if you have many walls or other objects where you need coverage. The waves used by this frequency are better suited for longer ranges and transmission through obstacles. 

– Cost: 2.4GHz access points are cheaper than the ones supporting 5GHz.


– Speed: 2.4GHz transmits data at slower speeds, with lower data rates.

– Congestion: Users can experience higher congestion, as many devices use the 2.4GHz band. This will cause discontinued connections and slower speeds. 

– Overcrowding: 11 free radio air and channels available in the 2.4GHz band, depending on the country’s standards, less than the 23 available in 5GHz.


  • 5.8 GHz - PROs and CONs

– Speed: 5.8GHz band sends data at faster speeds, with a higher data rate.

– Less congestion: 5.8GHz frequency experiences fewer interferences from other devices because fewer devices use 5.8GHz frequency.

– Less overcrowding: 5.8 GHz has more free radio air and channels, i.e., 23 working channels vs. 11 in the 2.4GHz band, depending on the country’s standards.


– Coverage: 5.8GHz provides a smaller coverage area.

– Interference: 5.8GHz band’s shorter waves make it less capable of going through walls and solid objects. This happens because, at higher frequencies, waves attenuate stronger. Hence, the signal is easily affected by multiple obstacles.

– Cost: the cost of access points supporting 5.8GHz is higher. This is because 5.8GHz is newer in the market.

According to the above theory, the propagation distance of 2.4G is much longer than 5.8G. However, in the real environment, due to the same frequency interference in the 2.4G frequency band, especially at long distances, the lower bandwidth causes the distance to be greatly reduced. The actual use environment of 5.8G is relatively clean, with fewer interference sources, and its bandwidth is wider, and the data transfer rate is high. Compared with 2.4G, 5.8G has obvious advantages. Therefore, if the transmission power is the same in the current environment, the transmission distance of 5.8G is longer than 2.4G. And because of the higher rate of 5.8G, the real-time image transmission is also clearer than 2.4G.

What is the expected control range after I install the ALIENTECH antenna?

ALIENTECH DUO II, PRO 2.4G, PRO 5.8G are all antennas with power amplifiers, and their output power is 4W (or 36dBm). DJI’s original power data is 16-23dBm. According to the calculation for each increase of 6dBm, it is theoretically increased by 4 times. However, considering the gap between the actual environment and the theory, we believe that at least a 1-2 times increase in distance can be obtained. But this must also depend on the actual signal environment. In other words, it will be closer to the theoretical value in the lower interference environment, and vice versa.

Here are some of our flight test videos

How should I choose the ALIENTECH antenna as my drone?

It would help if you determined which signal mode you belong to. You can also obtain relevant information from your Drone supplier. After you understand the signal model in your area, you can select antenna products according to the following list.

Brand Drone Model FCC Mode CE Mode
DJI Spark
DJI Mavic mini
DJI Mavic mini 2
DJI Mavic air 
DJI Mavic air 2
DJI air 2s
DJI Mavic pro - -
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum - -
DJI Mavic 2
DJI Mavic 2 pro
DJI Mavic 2 zoom
DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise
DJI Phantom 3 advanced - -
DJI Phantom 3 pro - -
DJI Phantom 4 advanced - -
DJI Phantom 4 pro
DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0
DJI Phantom 4 RTK
DJI inspire 1 - -
DJI inspire 1 pro - -
DJI inspire 2
DJI inspire 2 pro
DJI Matrice 100
DJI Matrice 200
DJI Matrice 210
DJI Matrice 300 RTK
DJI Matrice 600 -
DJI Matrice 600 PRO
DJI DJI Smart controller
DJI Cendence 
Parrot Parrot Anafi
Autel Autel EVO  - -
Autel Autel EVO II - -
Autel Autel EVO II PRO V1 - -
Autel Autel EVO II PRO V2
Autel Autel Smart controller V1 - -
Autel Autel Smart controller V2

■  Recommended application: In FCC mode, the signal strength of 2.4G and 5.8G is above 20dB.
○  Not recommended but applicable: Since the signal strength of 5.8G in CE mode is low (only 14dB), the distance of the 5.8G frequency band is not as good as the 2.4G frequency band.
-   unavailable.

⚫ Known FCC regions: the United States, Colombia, the United States, China SRRC, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan;
⚫ Known CE regions: EU countries, Commonwealth countries (such as Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, India, etc.), Singapore, Indonesia, Japan (5.8G is not available).
⚫Countries with unknown signal mode: Please follow the CE zone.

Could you provide modification services for the remote control?

If you are in China, we can provide you with a paid modification service of the remote control.
Due to the relatively long shipping cycle overseas, expensive freight, and many uncertain factors. We are currently unable to provide modification services outside of China. But we sell modified remotes. This will be more economical and safer.

Do I have to purchase accessories or kits when I buy an antenna?

If you only buy an antenna for one of the controllers of the drone, then you don't need to buy accessories or kits separately. As long as you choose the correct drone or controller model, our products will include a complete retrofit kit. It will also include the necessary tools for modification. 

However, if you need to retrofit more than one remote control, you need to purchase the feeder or retrofit kit built into the remote control separately. The specific number will depend on the number of your modified remote control.

Note: What will place the accessories and kits usually used for modification in the product's outer packaging.

I don’t understand electrical appliances, can I modify the controller myself?

Yes, almost all of our customers are people who have no experience in modification. Basically, the modification can be completed under our video guidance.

What tools do I need to use when refitting?
We have included the necessary tools for modification in the product packaging. They are some commonly used tools, such as Phillips screwdriver, hex key, tweezers, etc.

Do I need to use a soldering iron when modifying the controller?
No, you don't need to use a soldering iron.

Precautions are required when refitting the controller.
Avoid damaging any cables or electrical components. Especially the signal cable, it is a coaxial cable. Its appearance is the shielding layer of the signal. Once damaged, the signal will leak out, resulting in signal attenuation.

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Why can't my drone fly more than 100 meters after the remote control is modified?

This is usually an error in the remote control during the modification process. It is recommended that you check the interface between the antenna and the remote control, and the internally modified coaxial cable.

1. The interface of the antenna is QMA. When you plug the antenna into the remote control, you will hear or feel a "click".  This means that the QMA is in place; otherwise, What will block the signal because the QMA does not snap into place.

2. You need to turn on the remote control again and check whether the internal coaxial cable is squeezed or broken? Due to the working principle of the coaxial cable, after it is squeezed or broken, it will cause signal leakage. In severe cases, What will block the signal?

3. You need to turn on the power of the antenna during use.

4. Select the correct frequency band in the HD setting item in the flight APP. When using the PRO series antenna, please pay special attention; you must lock the "custom" and set the same frequency as the antenna.

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Why can't my drone still fly more than 1000 meters after the controller was modified?

After modifying the remote control and adding an ALIENTECH antenna, your drone can fly more than 100 meters but cannot fly more than 1,000 meters. This requires attention to the following reasons:
1. Please go to the HD setting page of the APP and select the signal frequency band that matches the antenna. For example: if you buy a PRO 2.4G antenna, you need to set the frequency band to Custom-->2.4G and manually select the channel with low interference.
2. Please go to the HD setting page of the APP; please set the image transmission quality to the lowest, for example: normal, 720P, smooth.
3. Please go to the HD setting page of the APP. If there is a bandwidth option, please set the bandwidth to 10M.
4. You need to pay attention to no obstacles between the antenna and the Drone. The farther the drone flies, the smaller the angle between it and you and the horizon. Trees, buildings, mountains, and people in front of you may obscure the signal. The radio signal is a kind of wave. Although it has the ability to diffract, the intensity of the diffracted wave will be severely attenuated. Sometimes, you need to increase your standing position or fly the drone higher to get a longer flight distance.

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How long time can the power of the antenna be used?

The PRO series and DUO II battery is 2600 mAh and can stand by for more than 24 hours when fully charged, and can be more than 300 minutes in actual use. 

If the battery of the antenna is dead, can I still control the drone?

At a long distance, you will lose control of the drone and lose real-time image transmission. But it does not affect the automatic return of drones. It would be best if you waited for the drone to automatically return to your vicinity (50-100 meters area), and you will regain control.

To avoid the above-mentioned dangerous situation, we have made a low battery warning in power management. Once the power is lower than 25%, the antenna will emit a "di...di" alarm sound. If you hear the alarm sound, you can control the drone to complete the last flight and return home safely.

How can I get the best distance in using the ALIENTECH antenna.

Please set the HD page in the APP correctly before taking off.

  • Select the frequency correctly. For example, you use a 2.4G antenna, select the 2.4G frequency band, and fix it. If you choose the 5.8G frequency band or dual frequency, this will cause the 2.4G antenna to fail to enhance the signal but will cause the signal attenuation and reduce the control distance.
  • Set the real-time image transmission to the lowest (if there is this option). For example, common, standard, process, 720P, 360P, etc.). When the flying distance is getting farther and farther, the higher the quality of the image transmission will lead to the collapse of the transmission rate of the channel. This interrupts the signal connection.
  • Choose the channel with the lowest interference—the lower the channel curve or column, the fewer interference sources around. The low interference channel helps to improve the signal transmission distance and reception effect.

Note: If you want to get a longer distance, avoid using automatic and choose the manual mode.

Please visually check whether the object you need to photograph is visible or directly viewed? Please choose a field with a wide field of vision to take off, and ensure that no obstacles block the signal in the direction of flight. As the drone flies farther and farther, the angle between it and you and the horizon will become smaller and smaller. For example: when the drone's flying distance exceeds 5Km, the included angle is only 3°. This will cause short buildings or trees in front of you to block the signal. After the signal is blocked, there will be severe attenuation.

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