Notices for Installation and Use of  ALIENTECH Antenna & Booster

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1. When dismantling the remote controller and installing internal coaxial cables, the cables must be kept intact. Due to the role of screen interruption and preventing the signal leakage of the skin and metal shield net of coaxial cables, once the cable skin is damaged (even minor damage), the signal will leak, thereby leading to seriously affect the effective transmission of signals. The cables must be handled carefully during installation.
2. Please ensure the correct installation of external cables and connectors. The installation gap of the nut and the incorrect installation of the connector may result in poor contact between the antenna and the remote control, resulting in the signal not being transmitted normally.
3. The correct HD or WIFI settings are also very important. If you want to fly farther and make the signal more reliable, please do not ignore the setting of DJIGO4 APP. What we need to do is (we take the MAVIC 2 setup as an example below):
a) Select the correct channel, and make the corresponding settings according to your antenna booster's working frequency band, for example: if you buy a 2.4G booster, then you must choose 2.4GHz on the app channel, if you buy a 5.8G Booster, then you must choose 5.8GHz in the app channel.
b) Adjust the channel mode to Custom mode. Please do not choose the Auto mode.
c) Channel selection, and select channels with less interference according to DJI's official guidelines. The column height or curve and the high ambient noise (interference) are larger, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the correct frequency band (3.a).
d) In order to obtain a longer flight distance, please adjust the Downlink Bandwidth to 10Mhz.
e) Please adjust Image Transmission Settings to Normal Mode for lower image quality and longer distances, which is very important!
4. The matters to which the attention shall be paid during flight. We must ensure that there is no building or tree barrier between the remote controller and the Drone. Physical barrier results in direct attenuation of the signal. The farther the flight is, the smaller the included angle between the Drone and the remote controller (called the angle of the flight). When your drone flies 5000 meters, even if your flight altitude reaches 500 meters, your flight angle is only 6°. In other words, there is a tree or building at a height of 500m in front of you that has blocked the signal of your flight. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a flight takeoff venue.
5. ALIENTECH PRO Booster is an active antenna series. The in-built battery is powered by two power amplifier. Please make sure that the battery is in a live state (at least two active power lights are illuminated).
6. There is one small 2.4G antenna in the PRO5.8G booster package, which is only used for the pairing of the controller between the drone. It can be inserted into any port of the controller and complete the frequency.
If you need assistance, please contact us.
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