ALIENTECH PRO 2.4G Antenna Signal Booster Range Extender Accessories for DJI Autel Drones

Color: Black
Apply to: Without RC Cable Accessories
frequency: 2.4G
Sale price $359.00


ALIENTECH PRO2.4G Booster with built-in coaxial cables of MAVIC or Phantom that include for Mavic 3 / 1 / 2 pro / zoom  / Mini 1/2/3 PRO / 3 Classic / Platinum / Enterprise, Phantom 3 / 4 A / advanced / Pro / V2.0 / RTK, Inspire 1 / 2 pro, Matrice 100/200/600 Pro, Smart Controller RC-N1, RC PRO, DJI RC Controller, DJI drones accessoriec.
  • ALIENTECH PRO2.4G signal booster is an unfrequent, active directional antenna with two power amplifiers for a range extender, applicable to the 2.4Ghz-2.4835Ghz frequency band. With a comprehensive transmission gain of 25-28dBi, a receiving gain of 20-23dB, and a dual-polarization of 45°, it can enhance wireless signal strength, lengthen the transmission distance and stabilize signal reception, and it supports wifi and OcuSync Protocol.
  • It has been proven with the actual use test that controllability will be remarkably improved after installation and that drone distance will be 3 times more than that of the original one. You can even easily break the flight limit of the drone’s power and obtain an especially sound manipulation in the interference area with excellent anti-interference performance.
  • PRO2.4G booster can not only effectively stretch the signal distance of the 2.4G drone but facilitate storing and using given its small size. The function of Quick release saves your take-off preparation time to the greatest. Inside the booster, here are two 18650@2500 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, which can be used continuously for over 300 minutes each time.
  • ATTENTION: Please pay attention before you place an order. You need to disassemble the original remote and remove the original antenna before you install the cable. In theory, although the installation process is non-destructive installation. However, you still have the risk of damaging the original remote control and losing the warranty for the remote control or drone. And users need to be careful that the outer insulation layer and shielding metal layer of the coaxial cable are intact.
  • Before installation, please watch the video teaching carefully to ensure the correct installation of the cable. Be careful to use the tool to ensure that the cable is not broken, twisted, or damaged. We do not recommend this cable to be installed repeatedly. Only one pair of cables is included in this package. It will not include any tools for retrofitting.                       
  • Mavic 2 :                                         
  • Mavic air :
  • Product performance                                                                           The signal enhancement function, high gain, and concentration of limited signals in the front section of the antenna and their directional transmission have effectively improved
  • the flight and image transmission distance of drones, making the flight safer. The 1-second quick assembly and disassembly function minimizes your pre-flight preparation time;

  • Basic parameters
    Frequency Range: 2400-2500MHz
    Gain: 2.4GHz 13dBi±0.5;
    Horizontal Beamwidth:2.4GHz 55°±5°;
    F/B Ratio: 2.4GHz ≥19dB;

  • The product includes
    In addition to the antenna, the following accessories are contained in the package: a pair of external link cables, a pair of internal connection cables (provided according to the
    model), tool kit, instructions, etc.


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