How to Modify RC PRO Controller of DJI Mavic 3 and Install ALIENTECH Antenna Signal Booster Range Extender
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William Armstrong

William Armstrong

Im in need of the duo 2 amplifed range extender for the new mavic air 3 with the rc n2 controller. Its the upgraddd controler for the air 3, there are more built in intennas already. The controller looks just like the one i have for my air 2s except it a 2 not a 1. Please send me good news and a price. I own both the air 2 and 2s, both less than 1 year old and i bouvht them both from dji myself. The air 2 is under carerefresh+ until october 28th of this year. I have over 3,000 invested in both. Both sit in new hard cases, have digital cell charger and i paid 105 dollars for a cell charger that charges 4 cells at once plus the remote and your phone. It also has a 60% setting for storage of the cells. I am willing to sell both of my perfect drones so that i can purchase the new air 3 and the alien tech amplifed duo 2 for the air 3s new standard remote. Its called the 2 now, not the 1, but they look the same. I even have new 3 bladed carbon fiber blades and landing gear for the mavic zoom 2 or pro 2. Never used. I would sell everything for 2,300, and everything looks and flys like the day i unboxed them and all the extras i have for both. Spider landing gear, regular gear, total face cover for my air 2s along with a doubble lAyer hard case. Both cases made by the same company, they were 100 ea. I have led lights and blades that were never used, a 4hawks sr raptor range extender on my air 2. A decal from decal girl for air 2s, still in package. Please let me know what you think. I will send you all the pics you want, my stuff covers the whole floor and more.

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