Yagi Antenna for DJI Mavic Mini/Air/Mini SE/Mavic 2 Pro Zoom/FIMI X8 MINI Remote Controller Signal Booster Range Extender

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1.The Yagi Signal Antenna is only applicable to 5.8Ghz frequency, not applicable to 2.4Ghz frequency.
2.The Yagi Antenna Signal Booster Cannot be used for: DJI Mavic Pro/DJI Mavic Air 2/DJI Mini 2.
3.The signal transmission distance of the drone is greatly affected by the surrounding environment. Please stay at an open area before flying, and set the frequency of the remote control to 5.8Ghz mode.

Please tear off the protective film on the surface before use.

Yagi Antenna

1. Exquisite and compact, easy to carry, copper post and silicone material, it will not affect the use after bending;
2. Enhance the remote control signal to effectively extend the flight distance;
3. Plug and play, simple and quick installation and disassembly, non-destructive installation design.
4.Only applicable to 5.8Ghz frequency, not applicable to 2.4Ghz frequency.

Silica gel brass or silica gel aluminum(Black),
Silica gel red copper aluminum(Gray),
Net weight: 21.3g(Black),13.1g(Gray),
Product size:
Applicable models: Mavic Mini/Mavic Mini SE/Spark /Mavic Air 1 /Mavic 2 Pro Zoom/FIMI X8 MINI

Packing list:
2pcs Yagi-Uda antenna

Note:Does not include the Remote Control.

Signal Booster

1. The card position is progressively designed without damaging the remote control antenna,
2. Independent antennas, to install,
3. Bayonet design,2 pieces can be buckled, to carry and store,
4. Film protection,prevent from fingerprints,dust,scratches,
5. The surface is specular effect,very good reflecting effect,better signal boosting.

Material: Plastic,
Applicable models: for DJI Mavic Mini / Mavic Mini SE / Mavic 2 / Mavic Pro/ Mavic Air /Spark/FIMI X8 MINI
Color: Black,
Net weight: 26.2g,
Product size: 6*6.1*3cm,

Packing list:
1pcs Signal Booster .

Note:Does not include the Remote Control.

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