Mavic 3 Camera Lens Anti-Scratch Protector Tempered Glass 9H Film Cover for DJI Mavic 3 Drone Accessories

Style: 1 set
Sale price $12.00


Tempered Glass Lens Film for DJI Mavic 3 Drone Anti-Scratch HD Screen Protective Films Protector for Mavic 3 Accessories
1.9H high hardness tempered glass,
2. Anti-scratch, and high transparency effectively protect the camera lens,
3.Super light weight,won't effect the normal use of camera.

Material:Tempered glass
Applicable models: for DJI Mavic 3
Net weight: no
Package weight: no
Product size: 2*0.9cm (upper lens),  2.4*1.2cm (lower lens)
Packing size: 9.7*6.7*1.7cm (2 set),

Packing list:
1 Set:tempered film x 2,alcohol pack x 1,cleaning cloth x 1, dust removal sticker x 1, tweezers x*1

Or 2 sets: tempered film x 4, alcohol pack x 2, cleaning cloth x 2, dust removal sticker x 2, tweezers x 1, Box x 1,

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