ROCKBROS Mountain Bicycle Tools Sets Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Kit Hex Spoke Wrench Mountain Cycle Screwdriver Tool 16 in 1

Style: GJ8002
Ships From: China
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Environmental protection plating process to ensure that the product durable stainless steel, fully functional

Product Information

1: Hexagon socket (2mm)
2: Cross (PH2)
3: Hexagon socket (2.5mm)
4: T25 plum
5: Hexagon socket (3mm)
6: Hexagon socket (4mm)
7: Word screw
8: Hexagon socket (6mm)
9: Wrench (5mm)
10: Wrench (8mm)
11: chain cutter
12: MAC2 13:MA∨C1
14: Hexagon (&mm)
15:13g spoke wrench
16: Wrench (8mm)
17:14G spoke wrench
18:15G spoke wrench
19: Wrench (10mm)
20: Hexagon socket (5mm)

Product Details:

Cr-Mo Metallic tools
6 Hex  2. 2.5.3. 4. 5. 6 mm
3 Flat Wrenches:8.10.15 mm
3 Box Wrenches:8.9.10 mm

Item Information



Full-featured, simple and convenient, able to handle most bicycles Durable

1: Hexagon combination: Torx screwdriver, PH2, star T30, T2, T25, T20, TL5, T10
2: sleeve tool
3: plum screwdriver
4: Word screwdriver
5: Hexagon socket (1mm)
6: Flat wrench 8/10/15mm
7: Hexagon 2mm)
8: Hexagon socket (3mm)
9: Hexagonal mm
10: Hexagon socket (5mm)
11: Hexagon socket (6mm) socket wrench

Easy to use and more efficient
Equipped with a complete set of hexagon sockets, easy to use with a sleeve


Aluminum alloy handle plated carbon steel tool

1: Hexagon socket (3mm)
2: Phillips screwdriver
3: Hexagon socket (5mm)
4: Allen wrench
5: Slotted screwdriver
6: chain cutter
7: Hexagon socket (2.5mm)
8: Hexagon socket (8mm)
9: Hexagon socket (6mm)
10: Hexagon socket (25mm)
11: Hexagon (4mm)

Quality Craftsmanship
Reasonable design, practical functions


12 function combination tool, lightweight design, easy to carry

1: Hexagon socket (3mm)
2: Star T25
3: Slotted screwdriver
4: Hexagon socket (2MM)
5: chain cutter (for 10, 11 chain)
6: plum screwdriver
7: Hexagon socket (7mm)
8: Hexagon socket (5mm) + 8mm sleeve
9: Hexagon socket (6mm)
10: Tire rod
11:14g spoke handle 12: continuous hook

Multiple ways of using

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