Upgrade 36 Teeth Ratchet Two-way Screwdriver Multi-function Turning Right Angle Screwdriver Set For Narrow Space DIY Hand Tool

Style: Screwdriver
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Two-way ratchet screwdriver Set, Desgned for small Space.
Material: S2 alloy steel
Type: Ratchet screwdriver Or  ratchet screwdriver set
1. Designed for narrow spaces: compact and convenient, one-handed operation, no pressure on narrow spaces, simple and convenient.
2. Two-way ratchet adjustment: The direction of the ratchet can be adjusted in both directions, and the buckle can be adjusted as required.
3. 36-tooth ratchet structure: precision 36-tooth gear, smooth and not stuck, efficient, convenient and quick to operate.
4. Standard 6.35mm interface: The standard hexagonal opposite side interface is 6.35mm, which can be used with ultra-short bits for operation in a small space.
5. The surface is electroplated, feels comfortable, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant.
6. Bit storage design: The card slot design on the handle can accommodate two 18mm short batch bits, which are not easy to fall when shaking, which is convenient and practical.
7. Exquisite storage hole: The keychain design at the end of the handle is small and portable, which is convenient to carry.
Package Included:
1 x Ratchet screwdriver
Or  ratchet screwdriver set

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