Easy Mount Clip Clamp Phone Holder Connector for DJI Mavic Mini Mini SE Mavic 2 Pro Zoom Spark Air Platinum Controller Accessory

Style: Bracket A
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Bracket A/BFeature:

Designed for mobile phones with case, you don't need to remove your case or damage your screen protector when insert your smart phone to the controller,used for DJI Mavic 2/Mini/Pro/Air Spark remote control drones,
Compatible with original data cable, small size, easy to carry,
Supports mobile phones with a total thickness of 10mm.


Material: ABS
Applicable models: for Mavic 2/Mini/Mini SE/Pro/Air Spark
Color: black
Net weight: 13g

Packing list:
2pcs Remote Control Phone Holder.


1.Does not include Drone remote control and smart phone,

Bracket A

Bracket B

Bracket set A Feature:

1. Made of high-quality materials, strong and durable,
2. Lanyard bracket specially designed for drone remote control to prevent falling,
3. The lanyard has a socket, which is firm and reliable, and flexible to use,
4. The stand is compatible with the original data cable, compact and easy to carry,
5. The mobile phone holder supports mobile phones with a total thickness of less than 10mm.


Material: ABS,
Applicable models: for DJI Mavic Mini、Mavic 2、Mavic Air、Mavic Pro、Spark,
Color: Black,
Net weight:30g

Packing list:

1pcs Lanyard,
1pcs Bracket.

Does not include the Remote control and mobile phone.

Strap Feature:

Dual hook neck lanyard for DJI MAVIC PRO/SPARK/Mavic Air/Mavic 2 Pro Zoom/Mavic Mini Remote Controller,
Won't Block the Screen of Smartphone and Remote Controller,
Won't affect USB port and heat dissipation,Free your hands,
Please use the smart phone to help mount the lanyard hook,to avoid it loose,
Material of hook:durable plastic

Package Includes:

1*Lanyard Hook Bracket , 1* Lanyard Strap.

Not include phone and controller.

for Mavic 2/Pro/Mini/Air/Spark remote control two-color lanyard

1. Free your hands and make aerial flight easier,
2. The lanyard is available in two colors, and the hanging neck is comfortable,
3. Double hook bracket, durable and anti-falling,
4. It can be used for other remote controllers with hanging holes and has a wide range of use,
5. It is comfortable to wear, the longest length can be adjusted to 70cm, and the adjustable buckle conforms to the wearing habits of different people.

Material: Leather + plastic
Applicable models: for Mavic 2/Pro/Mini/Air/Spark Remote Controller
Color: Brown, black
Net weight: 43.7g
Package weight: 57.2g
Product size: 38.5*2cm (fold in half), 47~70cm (adjustment range)
Package size: 23.5*14cm

Packing list:
1pcs Double color lanyard

1.Does not include the Remote control and Cell phone,

Widen lanyard strap for Mavic 2/Pro/Mini/Air/Spark remote control

Material: Cloth
Applicable models: for Mavic 2/Pro/Mini/Air/Spark Remote Controller
Color: Black yellow edge
Net weight: 43.3g
Package weight: 45.4g
Product size: 58*4cm (fold in half)
Package size: 14.5*10cm

Packing list:
1pcs lanyard

1.Does not include the Remote control and Cell phone,

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