ALENTECH 1&2 meter RG316 Coaxial Cable whit QMA-JW/SMA-K adapter connector for Link FPV drone glasses and remote control

Dimension: One Pair of 1000mm( or 3.28 ft ) long Cable
Verkaufspreis $56.00


  • Cable: RF SMA male to QMA female connector RG316 cable 1 meter and 2 meters, impedance: 50 ohms
  • Adapter: RF SMA Male to QMA Female Adapter, Adapter Impedance: 50 Ohms, Cable + Connector.
  • Application: Used to connect SMA devices and QMA adapter devices. When you use ALIENTECH series products, you can use the RG316 line as the end connection, RG316. The cable is more flexible than RG8/CG240 cables, which helps you use it at the end of RG8/CG240. Get more comfortable use when you connect a remote control or glasses.

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