ALIENTECH Universal Tripod Stand Mount - Height Adjustable Up to 280 cm For DUO II/ DUO 3 / DeiMox Antenna Signal booster Compatible Insert Perfect for indoor and outdoor portable use.

Dimension: 2.8m High Tripod (Without antenna/signal boostert)
Sale price $39.99


Easily adjust the height: It has a telescopic center column, and the height can be adjusted from 95 cm to 280 cm. Secure it with a sturdy screw lock. Made of sturdy and durable metal structural tubes for safe, long-term use
Tripod leg design: The center stand connects the tripod legs for added stability. The three-legged speaker stand folds easily and fits into your bag for easy transportation. It can accommodate antenna equipment weighing up to 5 kg. The legs of the tripod can be retracted and stabilized, and the oversized grip structure makes the equipment more stable.
Tension Locking Mechanism: Constructed with a knob-type tension locking mechanism to withstand the maximum weight of the device attached to the stand, preventing it from collapsing
Non-slip feet: It has a universal floor-standing speaker stand with non-slip rubber feet. The equal length distribution makes the base extremely stable and secure. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

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