DJI Mavic 2 + ALIENTECH PRO 5.8G booster Anti-interference long flight test

◆ALIENTECH PRO5.8G signal booster is an infrequent, active directional antenna with two power amplifiers for a range extender, applicable to the 5.7Ghz-5.82Ghz frequency band. With a comprehensive transmission gain of 30-36dBi, a receiving gain of 25-30dB and a dual polarization of 45°, it can enhance wireless signal strength, lengthen the transmission distance and stabilize signal reception, and it supports wifi and OcuSync Protocol. Compared to 2.4G, 5.8G boasts of a better environment of wave interference, and a higher radio propagation rate.

◆It has been proven with actual use test that controllability will be remarkably improved after installation, and that drone distance will be 3-5 times more than that of the original one. You can even easily break the flight limit of the drone’s power, and obtain an especially sound manipulation in the interference area with excellent anti-interference performance.

◆The ALIENTECH Pro 5.8G Signal Booster with a power amplifier, which applies to all DJI Drones, They include Mavic 1/2 pro/zoom/Mini/Enterprise, Phantom 4 Pro/V2.0/RTK, Inspire 2 Pro, Matrice 300/200/210/600 Pro, Smart controller, Cendence. Parrot Anafi. But usually I only recommend it to be applied in FCC, SRRC mode. In CE mode, we recommend DUO II, Pro 2.4 G antenna series.

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